Lil Yachty

[Verse: Lil Yachty]
Same n*gga breakin' down hoes left and right (Yeah)
I was countin' up an M on a private flight (Yeah)
All this Chrome on my body like a medieval knight (Hmm)
I was f*ckin' up a sack on that purple Sprite (Yeah)
All my b*tches been official, even tote a pistol
Even blow up like a whistle, lie to officials
I'll drip you down in crystals if I know you're real (Mwah)
How you geekin' out your body off a pink pill?
I caught you lying, tell me and I'll f*ck with you still (Damn)
So many properties I bought, I'm king of the hill
f*ck n*gga need to learn his place, 'fore we put 'em in it
Steppin' and swaggin', I'm runnin' sh*t, I might run for senate
I got a b*tch up in the kitchen, wearin' them coochie cuttеrs (Yeah)
Free my doggy out that cell, straight up out the guttеr (Sweet)
Been them n*ggas ever since the position needed fillin'
And I fear I didn't see it, it was just me and Dylan
You see, it was just me and Justin (Drive)
Grippin' her hair while she talkin', might give her concussion (Yeah)
I don't like discussions (Damn), I'm too rich for fussin' (Exactly)
Look her dead in her eyes and have that pus*y bustin' (Yeah)
I ain't ever cuffin' (Yeah), if my corner baby die, he psyched out, still (Yeah)
Your baby daddy broke, no need for him to write a will (Yeah)
I put paint on my nails, b*tches f*ckin' still (Still)
It's old money in my bank that I'm spendin' still (Yeah)
Lifestyle sh*t get twisted, I been livin' shady (Creep)
I been beatin' up that sack like I'm Devin Haney (Beat it)
I don't need a rock friend, I'ma step solo (Facts)
I try anything once the lifestyle YOLO
I don't wanna be posted on the blogs, I don't wanna answer calls
I did this sh*t for my dawgs, I just beat up the mall
I just beat up my wrist, I was duckin' IRS
I was takin’ that risk, I was takin' that b*tch
I was flyin' Air Drake, so I was takin' that switch (Brrt) (b*tch, yeah)
They gave me M's at eighteen, ain't know what to do
I f*ck a sack up at a jeweler, I was goin' stupid
Fell in love with a teller, I don't know cupid
Gotta tell my stepper "No'', 'cause he'll really do it
Anywhere, everywhere, he don't give a damn
Empty the clip, reload the clip, we call it sleight of hand (Yeah)
My memory bad, so I'm f*ckin baby on cam'
Bottega coat, I copped, R.I.P to couple M's
That boy is not a kingpin, he sold a couple grams
He ain't no gangster, grew up better than Adonis Graham
[Outro: Lil Yachty]
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