Rockit Gaming

"Mortal Kombat 11 Cypher"


[Verse 1: Fabvl - Sub-Zero]
When I step in the room, they all freeze
Icy flow, Lin Kuei energy, all me
Heard a thousand cries for help, they all plea
So I gathered all of the greatest of MCs
To Fatality broken-minded malevolence
Hiding within the shadows, your power level's irrelevant
Cryomancer in battle, I always murder with elegance
Competition is rattled, keep stepping into my element
Snapping any necks with zero thought if you step in my lane
Frozen to the core, got warrior flowing inside my veins
Shower you in blood, drenching everybody, bout to Rain
Step to me in Kombat and you'll find that we are not the same

[Verse 2: Rustage - Raiden]
Hearing the thunderous noise of my entrance, I'm stepping into the arena
You're messing with godlike abilities, impossibilities, I will defeat ya
My teleportation to leave your bones breaking, I'm hitting you know that I beat ya
Electrification to decapitation, I'm aching to give you a seizure
Grab you in a minute, I'll be giving you a shock
You can never win it when I make your bodies drop
I can never stop, getting to the top, ending anybody I battle with, I'm a god, ayy
I got fatalities, you're mad at me? I win lots
For all humanity, I'll torture you like Shinnok

[Verse 3: Zach Boucher - Shao Kahn]
I'm a god known to these sheep
Rock you off of your feet
Know that I will do what I want
Because they can never stop me
They don't get when I'm present
I'm a weapon, I'm a beast, I'll be showing nothing less
It's what you get, it's your defeat
See me go off on all these people, slaughter often, we ain't equal
And don't say that you compare with the embodiment of evil
I ain't flexin', 'less I said that I'm the best, although it's true
See you messin' with a threat, and now your death is comin' soon


[Verse 4: Gameboy Jones - Geras]
They call me Geras, and I'm coming through with quicksand
I'm gonna be your hitman, beat your ass and then dip, damn
Times gonna go and get stopped
And you're gonna get rocked with my fatality
Honestly just ask yourself why you wanna challenge me
(Why why-why)
I am not the one to mess with
Black guy who can stir the pot, I'm lookin' like some Nesquik
Yes, b*tch? Do you got a death wish?
I can squeeze you in the morning right before I even eat my breakfast

[Verse 5: None Like Joshua - Noob Saibot]
Yo, it's Noob Saibot but you thought I died off
Take two looks behind y'all, if you spooked, that's my fault
It's the original ninja who kills with a shadow clone
You battle alone? I shatter your dome, without even going
One fight with Sonya, I'll teleport or ghost her
Then Sub-Zero shows up, with no love or bro hugs
Sick with the sickle, I stick in your ventricle
Rip you apart, with an infinite loop
And I'm movin' as one but I split you in two
Cause the Netherrealm's finest duo is Noob

[Verse 6: Rockit Gaming - Scorpion]
Get over here!
Evolving up through the years
Your ribcage is looking brittle like pickles, I'm throwing spears
I'll be cooking you all through the middle
Drizzling blood on my griddle, watching it pop as it sizzles
Thicken like sauce, take a nibble
In every game since it's inception, you can feel my wrath
To Hell and back, up from the ground, I watch your head snap
Over the years, I just sit back and watch the bodies stack
More Fatalities than Ed Boon, I've even got a plaque
I summon my minion, grinnin' I've been winnin', from the beginnin'
Combo-ing hits I'm not finished, sending you off to the clinic
Hope your insurance covers catastrophic damages
Cause let me tell ya, you're gonna need a lot more than some bandages
A Scorpion dropping exoskeletons
Underneath, I'm a beast without hesitance
My final blows hit with a touch of elegance
Adrenaline, it flows, I'm a diabolical specimen


[Verse 7: Daddyphatsnaps - Baraka]
Tourney stopper, the body-dropping Baraka is chopping your ligaments up to sprinkle in my frittatas
An animal, and a cannibal, killing the competition, and ramming them down my mandibles
All in the exhibition, I'm a monster
But I ain't hidin' under your bed
I am right in front of you, severing body from head
The Tark blades will amaze, really tear you to shreds
I'll take every single limb until you're begging your dead
Dread, filling everyone whose battling me
Unraveling intestines is pretty rattling, see
I'll use it as a jump rope while I cackle in glee
And swallow you whole, like little Leena, snacking you clean
Think, are you ready to die? You must be
Cause this only ends bad for you, so trust me
If you step in alive, you're not leaving the same
I'll see what you had in mind while I'm eating your brain

[Verse 8: NerdOut! - Jax]
Jax is back, better ring the alarm
When I pull out the guns, you get lit up, heated arms
You throw blows, I go low and deflect 'em
Never see these arms comin', You'll need a metal detector
Hold him up erect, then I wrecked 'em
Intestines, I pull 'em out the rectum
Who's next? To face fists hotter than some habanero sriracha
Up close and personal, I gotcha
When I hit 'em in a battle, you don't really wanna fight
You better bring yo guns
Anybody can do it, it ain't no fun
You callin' for backup, but homie ain't gon' come
Poppin' a rocket at you, I hate yo guts
Gonna take yo life, gonna take yo lungs
Gonna break yo spine, gonna taste yo blood
Anybody wanna fight better bring your gloves

[Verse 9: JT Music - Johnny Cage]
What? Why would I want a stunt double when both the biggest balls in Hollywood are hangin' off of me?
Call me if you wanna get bodied good
"Oh my god, is that Johnny Cage?"
"He's such a hottie, look!"
Here's an autograph, you don't want it? Your mommy probably would
Who can sweep Sonya Blade off her feet? Bet Johnny could
We don't need any body doubles, I know you want me, toots
Sorry, oughtta get back to the Kombat
Stickin' to a script? Nobody really wants that
Why would I when I can just improv it?
I won an Oscar, I wanna flaunt it
Roll camera, call action, get a close-up on this skull bashin'
Only gonna get one take on that
Because now I'm not at all actin'
So many motherf*ckin' blockbusters in the bag
Scratch Mortal Kombat: The Movie, that truly was a drag
Nobody's callin' cut as I drop in and pop your nuts
Then I'm knockin' your noggin off when you're caught with an uppercut
And I'm covered in all your guts, such a bloody stud
Here's an action figure that your kids are simply gonna love


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