Rockit Gaming


[Verse 1]
Hey, to the left I sit
Don't you dare misbehave
I got a weird feeling inside
It comes in waves, yeah
I could use a little prayer
To help restore my faith
Can't feel my legs
Everything is numb
Can't think, my face, my brain
It seems to be built
From a combination of
Souls I've killed, an abomination
Of blood I've spilled
I feel mentally ill
And they don't make a pill for this sorta thing
Menacing thoughts while they torture me
Constantly with a slap in the face like a trap
And the tick tick of the clock
Hits that six-six I snap
And the heat builds up
Smoke in the lungs with a panic attack
Playback's insane
Whatever that he made, you will find
That the truth lies inside those tapes
Whatever that remains, he was only trying to do the right thing!
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