"ITZY - NOBODY LIKE YOU (English Translation)"

Yeah, uh what what
You know I do as I like, whatever, I have my own way
And should fit on me, such a Bad girl
Eyes are oh so high and also high-nosed
It’s not easy at all to catch my fancy yeah
But these days I keep thinking yo
Baby I pay attention to you yo
Why do I keep an eye on you again and again
Oh my god what is this feeling

It’s wicked but you’re so funny funny
Your voice is so dreamy dreamy
I’m hooked on you, really really
Oh baby I think I like you
It’s my time to have this feeling, feeling
Did I flutter? Pit-a-pat
I felt the destiny, it’s you
Baby ain’t nobody like you

No matter where I look, it’s only you
The one who’s gonna melt me
Baby like you yeah, like you yeah
No matter where I go, there’s only you
The one who’s gonna adore me sweetly
Baby like you yeah, like you yeah
Ain’t nobody like you
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