MisUnderstood lyrics


Lil Jairmy

(When everything goes wrong you see some bad)
(Well I'm just a soul whose intentions are good, Finesse you stupid for this one)
(Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood)

[Verse 1]
All my life I been misunderstood I was stuck in the hood trying to find me a better way
If I feel like my life on the line and i'm busting that iron and I swear I won't hesitate
I be popping them pills in the coop shedding tears f*ck a doctor I rather sip medicate
I was going through some sh*t you was supposed to be hеre but instead you had rather just stеp away (uh)
b*tches fake so f*ck it i separate, that sh*t made me the man who I am today (uh)
I get full of the med's then I meditate, hear the wars in my and just let it spray
I got evil they force me to be this way, I get paper this sh*t in my DNA
Thugged up tell the lawyer I beat the case, swear I lost over 300 on Jesus name
I put VV'S diamonds in every chain, n*ggas killing and dying about everything
And these b*tches be f*cking for anything, young young in the Bentley we got plenty games
Put a whole in his head they gone get you stained, coming short on that its gone get you slayed
I can't trip about that cash I already made, I stay down in that trap and he got me paid
Busting down on my watch and they coming plain
Put that chopper on his ass if i'm feeling played, i'm to street n*ggas sweater than lemonade
Screaming free all my n*ggas locked in the cage, no big homie lil jairmy a renegade
I say f*ck them went started my on gang, f*ck these rappers i'm riding my own way
That's the reason I see them and don't wave, diamonds water sh*t purer-er than cocaine
I be geeked the f*ck up like i'm eddie kane, selling quarters and houses and whole things
And i still put that cap before everything, and my money got long like my last name, i'm the big CEO over gas gang
Catch a body come get you a gas chain (uh uh)
On the north in the projects with fast lanes (yeah)
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