"Still Tipping Freestyle"

Back then they ain't want me like Mike Jones
I'm havin' b*tches in different time zones
Run with that sack like I'm Pacman Jones
Play with my money, pull up to yo home
And I'm still catchin' them plays on my iPhone
He hated on me, but that n*gga unknown
I'm with my brothers, I ain't come alone
Ballin' on n*ggas like Karl Malone
Stay with my n*gga, he right or he wrong
Got a big ass Backwood filled with the strong
She wanna f*ck with me 'cause my money got long
Passing these hoes back and forth like ping-pong
Her ass so fat it done ate up the thong
Marvin Gaye with the Glock, let's get it on
Gotta watch how I move, ride around with narcotics
Only thing that I'm rollin' up is the exotic
She bounce on the di*k like she came with hydraulics
Go too much water, nickname me "Aquatic"
Slide in a foreign, it's lookin' robotic
I f*ck her good but I'm doing her wrong, she be calling me toxic
I might still jump in the moshpit
Young n*gga get more fly than a c*ckpit
No Benihana, we ridin' with chopsticks

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