Verb T

"Humanoid feat. King Kashmere, Verb T & Mysdiggi"

Verse 1 - King Kashmere:
Ayo, Super Saiyan gods stole the crown of 12 stars
f*ck the seven seals while the light brigade charges
Spark the ears, blow trees in the dark of the abyss
God killers tried to target me and missed
MC's aren't even partially akin
My humanoid vessel was a pharmacy of sin
They're so grateful
When we hit em with the blam
Like Yosemite Sam and old faithful
Five, four, three, two, number one sound, huh
You're like Rusty, the number one clown, huh
I'm number one Will Riker, the skill sniper
Oliver Reed off distilled cider
Turn the frown upside down and rock with us
Instead of clocking us with industrial strength binoculars
You're tryna bring arms like an octupus
I'm tryna travel the stars like I'm Optimus
A grown ass man but still a dreamer
But life is a b*tch, startin a little deeper
f*ck the PS4, I'm still Omega
Smoking on the haze amnesia at my leisure
(Good gawd)

Verse 2 - Verb T:
Look, things change and you're not you anymore
Teleport to the listener
I settle scores
With a club mind, stay primitive
When you mix the anger and the liquor with it
Look alive, now we don't look alive
But them little fools still wanna be the spitting image
(Yo di*kheaaads)
But look, me and King Kash wrap 'em up in bin bags
We school 'em on the beat like in Whiplash
Now they calling for war, beating the drum
It's real strange, the dumb leading the dumb
But you f*cking with a wild bunch
Once upon a time in the wild west
When life was lawless
Deliver it airtight and flawless
While you're giving them airtime I'm yawning
Pass it to the next cos their time is dawning
Waking up to death, new start from mourning

Verse 3 - MysDiggi:
Alright, let me intervene with the inconvenient truth
Mr. f*ck it if the glove fits think of me as the juice
See you fools love to do good as if you're needing the proof
I think you need to reduce all your Wikipedia use
Mutha luvas
Who are you?
None other than MysDiggi
A stud of a guy rough as a stubble that's quite itchy
Guzzling fine whisky
Jump in the ride with me
Drive you round the bend and go rest my nuts on your wife's titties, huh
Oh yes I'm silly brah, Milli no Vanilli, brah
Hot pepper sauce with jalapenos and chillis, brah
Others play around while I break it down to the gritty, brah
Earthquake about make a vapour out of this city, brah
Spray it round and then lay it down in a jiffy
Only for the paper
Now make them take it outta the kitty
Some say I made it now
No more sailing round in a dingy
I should put an chain on now and go make an album with Diddy, ha!
So you can hate me now
Only joking, brah
Half asleep, can hardly speak
But still awoken, brah
Tip the scales then flick a tale when approaching, brah
Still a killer whale in this little pale of an ocean, brah
Understand I'm a man who's become a savage
Open up this hand and have someone land on another planet
Damn it
Come on you know the drill
Holyfield and overkill
Family's the tragedy
Hoping still that you won't, you will
You big dummy
You ain't getting sh*t done
You're just a bit hungry
Ayo, don't ever try and fist bump me
f*ck a meal, I make a banquet out of this buddy
You're doing just enough to muster up a chip butty
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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