Billie Eilish


Don't you f*cking hate it when you hear my name?
I feel the same and when you hear this you gon' feel the pain
And all these n*ggas that you f*ckin with to get away
But girl, I know you think about it almost everyday
And I'll be honest, I be jealous of these n*ggas, true
How you feelin' with these n*ggas that you talk to?
Captivated by your mind and your walk too
Can't replace you with these b*tches that I talk to
This ain't lust, it's love
We had trust, what's good?
I should've held you close
Should've kept you warm
And when the rain is fallin', wonder who you call
Don't pray to god, you'd rather cry than call
Don't jump
Pretend it don't hurt
Repent, I won't stomp my feet in a rage
My n*gga, I'm no chump
Need you and I crave you, hate you
Think I ripped the wings off of my f*ckin angel
It don't hurt me, damn

[Verse 2: Billie Eilish]
Hey - call me back when ya get this
Or when you've got a minute
We really need to talk
Wait - you know what?
Maybe just forget it
'Cause by the time you get this
Your number might be blocked

Jiggy you foreplay n*ggas don't f*ck 'round
You can't kick it, lil n*gga, for a gang like Mickey D's
I need to breathe, yeah
I need the cheese
I need the chickens, they speakin' to me
I plugged my wrists so it's broken to bleed
You pus*y
Stay down
You claim that you shootin', but hey
You know but you stickin' them rounds
Young n*gga like Chucky, no cheese

[Chorus: Billie Eilish]
And I hate to do this to you on your birthday
Happy birthday by the way...
"It's not you it's me" and all that other bullsh*t
You know that's bullsh*t
Dontcha, babe

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