Insatiable lyrics


Billie Eilish

In the craziest moment of my life
I'd be here, sitting all alone
Why can't I hear
All the voices in my head
Just let me be here

[Verse 1]
Jump the fence from the school
Because no one wants to be trapped in here
Why can't I dare
Everybody's sentences
And my world is now messed up
But you can't say anything
Paying my rent on time
Girl, I'm done with all of this
I don't wanna be you anymore
So go f*ck up another girl in the world
Just so wе can be together, forеver
Baby, just let me scream as loud as I can
Take it all in
Let the fire begin
Making me do everything I don't want to
I'm in a whole different world now
Come on everybody do with me
I can feel what you are
God, you are insatiable
Maybe we can pretend like nothing ever happened
Taking my clothes off in front of you
God, you are insatiable
For more, for more
All the love I want I can't pretend anymore
I just want more
God, you are insatiable

[Verse 2]
I don't even know where to start
Some how I got knocked off my feet
I fell for no one
But now, I'm sitting all alone in my house
Can you hear the bells

Blowing up, up, up
I can't hear myself
Just play the insatiable
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