"Everything I Wanted Remix"

[Intro : AMillz]

[Verse 1 : AMillz]
Lookin for the one that makes me feel right
The one that makes me feel good about my life
Someone who doesn't cut me off like a knife
Someone who love me anytime at night
Lookin for the one who makes me feel whole
The one whos got my heart that they stole
Looking for the one who lets me be me
Looking for the one who finally set me free

Looking back on the times now i'm feelin sad
Thinkin bout all those times that we had
Thinking how you were everything i wanted
Now all i know is my face feelin flooded
Whip away the tears you told me that i'm strong
I been through it all and for that you ain't wrong
If i didn’t care then i wouldn't write a song
Lookin back now and its been so long

I do it for myself i do it for my people
I do for emotions cuz they becoming lethal
The human mind is anything but peaceful
I apologize and now we feelin equal
Talking to myself these voices in my head
Keeping me up at night i wanna go to bed
Hear your voice and those things that you said
Now all i hear is you're wishing i was dead

I'm feelin so alone i'm feeling so lost
Payin for love when there shouldn't be a cost
Feelin so down and i try to turn around
All these exes but feelin double crossed
I wanna feel victorious no Robbie Shapiro
Fake smile on my face no money is a hero
Everything i wanted plus a couple zeros
But is anyone in this world really a hero


[Verse 2 : AMillz]
Can't get respect even from my hometown
How you gonna hate when you don't even know how
I started my story but what you readin is boring
Everyday is a rainy day when the hatred is pouring
This is how it be when they shatter my heart
Take away my dreams before they even start
Burned down my future you feelin so smart
Not Post Malone but i always fall apart
You saying that your done can't gimme a reason
Hearts so cold doesn't matter what season
This thing in my chest i really f*cking need it
So why do people always run off with the pieces

[Outro : AMillz]
Real sh*t
Everything I Wanted
Shoutout to Billie

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