Jack Harlow

"Lil Boi (Big Talk) [Remix]"

[Verse 1: Ayanis]
Love me right, keep it real
Guess that's too demanding
Could have a real one by your side
But you out here chasing panties
I take it you never had
Someone to teach you what a man is
If that's the case, either way
He can't undo the damage

[Pre-Chorus: Ayanis]
Tell me why would you
Sell me all of these dreams that I bought into
I'm just another bed
You, tried to lie your way to
But you could never, better up you standards, oh-oh-oh

[Chorus: Ayanis]
I'm talkin' that big talk
Big boy, big talk
If you ain't no big boss, then what you herе for?
Is your car in your name?
Can I come to your place?
Or is it whеre your girl stay?
Ain't with them games
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