Way Out lyrics


Jack Harlow

[Intro: Jack Harlow]
sh*t is a jam, sh*t is a jam

[Chorus: Jack Harlow]
I can tell who's on the way out (Way out)
Twenty-five shows, check the pay out
I ain't goin' home, I'ma stay out (Yeah)
Motherf*ckers hate you when they lookin' for a way out (Sheesh)
I just sit back and let it play out (Let it play now)
And she gon' let me hit it any day now, ooh (Day now, ooh)
What you gon' say now? Ooh
Oh my, ex-girl got a bae now, ooh
But she still let me stay now, ooh (Ah, ah)

[Verse 1: Jack Harlow]
I got a Dallas and an H-Town boo
Got a baddie out in Cape Town, too (Ooh, mm-mm-mm)
Whole gang eatin' steak house food
Get the check, I ain't checkin' what it came out to (Check)
I tell promoters, "I don't talk about the money
You know who to hand the envelopе to" (That's facts)

Big John got the cash and he been the go-to
Hеard the beat, told Nickie, "Put it in the Pro Tools"
Got a fountain on the chain and it's indigo blue ('Go blue)
Might f*ck around and get a gold tooth
I'm a restaurant-goer, never been to Whole Foods
She gon' listen to the song, say, "This sh*t a whole mood"
I'm in the mountains out West on a tour bus
Textin' this chick I used to mess with (Yeah)
Got her in the bath, doin' video shoots
Tried to send one to me, but it didn't go through (Damn)

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