Three of Us (Episode 5) lyrics


Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

[Verse 1: Yellow Guy, Red Guy, & Duck]
There's three of us
There's three of us
Look closely, you will see

[Verse 2]
There's three of us
Just three of us
There's him, and you, and me

[Verse 3]
And everyday we all hang out
To find out what we talk about

[Interlude: Yellow Guy]
I'm the one who had a dream
Where there was stuff, like there was another me
And everything was not so fun
And I went, and saw the other ones
And there was a little lumpy one
And another windy, middle one
And there were things that I heard around
That I knew what they were, but I don't know now
And then it went away...

[Outro: Yellow Guy, Red Guy, & Duck]
That's three of us
Just three of us
Us three
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