Enma lyrics


Pe$o Pete

[Intro: Shwabadi & PE$O PETE]
Aye, Badi, PE$O, yuh
Why it sound like-
Oh, so you just gonna take my tag?
Yeah you get it, okay
Okay, look

[Verse: Shwabadi & PE$O PETE]
Ay, look at me wrong, you get defaced
Take off their head and replace it, deep fake
I copped a milly, broke b*tch, you don't relate
Smoke like a rasta, you catching a green fade
He telling Fabvl's think he survive Three Blades
Cut him in half just like prices at cheapskates
You couldn't match, I don't even unsheath blades
No sword style, I swing and his teeth break
I passed the mic up to PE$O cause I got the stick from Ryuma, this sh*t is a relay
Chop get you cropped out the shot with no retakes, this sh*t a sport to me, play you like EA
Beating his ass, he get packed like a breifcase, yelling out Enma, I cut em like cheesecake
Hometown kicking, we came from the east way, spin his sh*t, flipped, chopped, sh*t, I'm a DJ
Ooh, fighting with this type of Haki, man, don't get involved
Sugar ain't sweet, you get stitched like a doll
Running a fade, how my problems get solved
Pilfer your liquor, I'm chugging it all
All this green in my head, man, I keep getting lost
I might be Nami, the stick got 'em shocked
If you start talking I'm cutting
If you start talking I'm cutting you off!
Enma, the metal got separate bodies like continental drift
On my mental sh*t leave no evidence, war my medicine
Haki make three black bars like it's censorship
Haki make three black bars, like you scribbled out sentences
Best in the crew and you don't have a membership
Man or woman, this blades aim is genderless
An equal opportunity fade, man, I'm feminist
Hack and I slash, make em crash for my benefit
f*ck with my regiment, leaving him pieced on the premises
Two years, two more blades was the genesis, now on my Enma sh*t
Name out my nemesis, difference is evident
Cut him in sections, turn body to evidence
Ain't a long list of hits could be better than
Ain't a lotta hits till Jits is irrelevant
Yuh, what he said, you are not in this club, you don't sit with us
Three sword hit the sh*t is ridiculous
b*tch, I need to get buzzed, go fill a cup
Slash it, casket, b*tch, I'm gon' fill it up
This ain't confessional, still got you spilling guts
This sh*t is credible, you know we can get results
If you speaking over us, then I
If you speaking over us, then I interrupt
Big metal body, my Haki on harden
Reach for the top, that's a stretch like my sergeant
Curry, I shoot with the threes, you can't guard him
For the green we can fight, little garden
Sparring, I do not f*ck with that jargon
Spartan, three hundred cuts in my target
You can not rap little b*tch you ain't barring
One thousand chapters and you ain't that far in
Barge in, pop out the sky with no harness
Cut em, his blood prolly staining my garments
Sense of direction? I need me a Garmin
Blade so big that it's changing the rhyme scheme
Bar so sharp that it cut up your rhyme sheet
Undetectable moves, you won't find me
Crime scene, they don't recognize the
Drip on Visene, clique so slimy
Black and White blade, green top, like Zetsu
Maki with the cursed tool, Sendai Kitetsu
Err, wait, one more, my hero blade how the Tetsu test you
[Outro: PE$O PETE & Shwabadi (spoken)]
So you just gon do a My Hero bar?
Come on bro!
No, no, no, no
Alright, whatever
We out of here
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