Pe$o Pete

[Intro: "Yuichi Nakamura", Unknown]
"So which one are you right now?"
[?] KiCKFLiP
"Gojo Satoru"
"I'm in charge of the First Years at Jujutsu Tech"

[Verse 1: Breeton Boi, Pe$o Pete]
Who am I? Gojo
[?] like I hit the dojo
Heat finna pop to the top of my opp
It gon' rock up his block, have him looking like Jogo
[?] metal, I been virtuoso (Virtuoso)
Star in a war, I can handle 'em Solo (Yuh)
That's why they keepin' me out of the game
Why they got insiders peep what I say (Yeah)
Too many snakes in the grass, boy they venomous (Huh)
Good thing I know how to spot where the venom is (Huh)
I could [?] up your whole world in a second, man
Y'all are just lucky I have a good temperament (Ayy)
He wanted heat then I turn up the temp again
Catch that boy lackin' I'll show 'em what pressure is
Show off my power in certain percentages
Trust me y'all don't really want see the rest of this (Yuh)
Too many guys try test me
Over my career like the title don't say I rap (What?)
Too many guys try test me
Over my career like I don't double, triple their stats (Stupid)
Too many guys try test me
Over my career like I don't know how to pass exams (Goofy)
Too many guys try test me
Over my career see what happen if I really clap back, yuh
[Bridge: "Yuichi Nakamura"]
"Domain Expansion: Infinite Void"

[Verse 2: Pe$o Pete, Breeton Boi, Both, "Uknown"]
I can see through the sh*t you speak, blindfold on
If I need, Curse Technique Release, blindfold off
Open hand, my domain expand, put 'em in a trance
You got plans? Pop him like a Xan, mind pop off (Ayy, Ayy)
Let me breathe, between you and me, never face defeat
I'm OD, if it's up to me, nobody survive
There ain't anyone alive when the curtain start to rise
There ain't anyone alive who can view world through my eyes
I'm the man, think I'm in a jam? Better try again
We ain't friends, hit em with the Red, lucky he don't die
There ain't anyone alive who gon' get that boy revived
There ain't anyone alive with Cursed Energy like mine
Oh my God ("Oddwin")
I see right through his facade
Yes, the irony is large
'Cause I got my mask on
But I see 'em mask off
Purple Faygo blast off
Red gon' hit like Ray Charles
Blue gon' hit like missed calls
Secretly I'm p*ssed off (Ayy)
Limitless, I can't stop
Effortlessly cap opps
I'm creatin' and I'm breakin', playin' in my sandbox
Death paintin' what I make 'em illustratin' Bob Ross
If you ever thought our rankings could be [ranging?]
You mistaken, special graded, you is probably unrated
And should really get on
Before eyes get locked
Then your life get lost
Real life Rick Ross (Yeah)
Make your life tick tock
You ain't gang, get lost
In shock how I'm leaving you
The chop be Inumaki move a body if it speak to you (Hah)
Your girl be tryin' to rock she know what's poppin' if she peep the blue
She see the eyes she mine so best not let me get a peek-a-boo
I seen a few of people lose
Their life to sh*t [unseeable?]
This energy [unfreeable?]
Through me I am they vehicle
A different type of spiritual
I ran out of miracles
'Cause karma moving spherical
'Cause through Heaven and Earth I am the only one imperial (Ayy)
Boy I'm that individual
And all my actions pivotal
Compared to me you're trivial
Ain't no one even think of you
To cross me ain't an option 'cause the consequences biblicalTo stop me need the plot to cut me off like the umbilical
They gon' try and put me in a box, say what I can't do
People out my lane gon' speak my name, tryin' to act cool
This my magma opus see what happen if I tap 2
Even if I leave 'em they gon' have to deal with mad goons
Bringing new balance, when I step in kicks are brand new
Tryin' to get ahead of me they only see the back view (Huh)
They ain't learned their lessons I'ma bring 'em to the classroom
My crew finna eat we get it quick it might be fast food
[Outro: Breeton Boi, Unknown]
Pe$o, Pe$o, Pe$o
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