Pe$o Pete

[Intro: PE$O PETE]
Yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Okay (Okay, okay, okay)
Sure, what? (Sure, what? Sure, what? Sure, what?)

[Watermark: PE$O PETE & ChopGodLewi]
This is ChopGodLewi, man, f*ck PE$O PETE

[Chorus: PE$O PETE]
Man, I am a legend (Legend, huh? Wait, hold up)
My pockets on pregnant (Fat, hold up, wait, yuh)
Lewi chop and edit (Slash, slash, hold up, what?)
Whippin' keys like Reddit (Woo!)

[Producer Tag: UBER BEATS]
UBER BEATS, b*tch!

[Verse 1: PE$O PETE]
Get 'em out, no [?], man, better watch out where you steppin' (Better watch out where you steppin')
If your name ain't on the guest list, better step off of the premise
I am red just likе Rayquaza (I am red just like Rayquaza)
Yeah, shе eat me like a guava
I spit fire like it's lava (I spit fire like it's lava)
I am just like frozen water (Brr)
Icy, icy, icy (Icy)
Young PE$O swag' is high-key (Woo!)
Lewi chop like t'ai chi (Chya'!)
Comin' fo' yo' wifey (Damn')
I feel like I'm Elvis, all my music timeless (Damn', what? Damn')
She said I should rhyme this (Damn', damn')
I told her to die, b*tch (Damn', damn')
[Post-Verse 1: PE$O PETE]

[Chorus: PE$O PETE]
Man, I am a legend (Man, I'm a legend, hold up, you know what I'm talkin' about)
My pockets on pregnant (Yeah, they're fatter than a b*tch, hold up, tell 'em again)
Lewi chop and edit (What? Chya'! Slash)
Whippin' keys like Reddit (Aye, yuh, woo!)

[Verse 2: PE$O PETE]
Whip, whip, whip, whip, whip, whip, whip, whip (Whip, whip, whip, whip!)
We been up all night, just really cookin' in this b*tch (Wrist, yeah)
F-L Studio right to Adobe, then I mix (Then I mix like-, what?)
Yeah, we really wit' it, come and try me if you wish, woah (Wow, damn')
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