CUR$ED lyrics


Pe$o Pete

[Intro: PE$O PETE, The Danger, & [?]]
Yah, yeah ([?])
Know I got it
Yeah, Danger

[Producer Tag 1: The Danger & Bryan Cranston (Slopped)]
-on't know who you're talking to-

[Verse 1: PE$O PETE]
I just need y'all to know
Wherever life takes me, wherever I go
Six feet tall or six feet deep?
Weed burnin' out just like my soul
Motherf*ckin' addicts with the tragic
I ain't mixin' for the saddest, maddest, baddest
[?] passive, I ain't have it
All my woes, they addin' power in the passion
All these beats, I'm body packin'
But I'm lackin', straight lackin', yeah

[Bridge: PE$O PETE]
Missin' everything that was, hoo!
Needed to smile for once
All of these beats, what I like that you run, yeah
Woke up, [?], they gon' run (Lеt me tell you)
[Refrain: PE$O PETE]
I don't think you wanna' know (Know)
Shut your mouth beforе I blow (Blow)
Bombs away, bombs away (Bang!)
Let him go, let him go (Yuh)
Bombs away, bombs away (Wait)
Leave him layin' in the bay (Yeah)
Leave him layin' in the A (Okay, right?)
While I'm layin' with my bae (Woo!)

[Verse 2: PE$O PETE & Emily]
Blood on the hoodie, wrist scarred up (Wrist scarred up)
Sixty-four blurry b*tches straight barred up
I was waitin' for the right beat, this popped up
Like my [?] pumped up, dead rappers in the trunk (Bah-Bah!)
Lil Durk type voice, this ain't whatchu' want (This ain't whatchu' want)
I just pulled up out the cut and these rappers finna' run (f*ck PE$O, PE$O, PE$O, woo!)

[Verse 3: PE$O PETE]
Got the blade in my right hand, next to my ring
Never take it, never touch it, man, all of my bling, damn' (No)
I got the keys, these [?] Hella' sh*t (Yah, yah-yah-yah-woah)
I got the keys, I got the b*tch on the top of her knees, damn' (Yah-Yah-Yah-woah)
Like Weed, yeah

[Producer Tag 1: PE$O PETE, The Danger, & Bryan Cranston (Slopped)]
You clearly, don't know who you're talking to, so let me clear you in (Yah, oh-o-oh)
I am the one who knocks! (Oh, oh-o-oh-oh)
[Producer Tag 2: The Danger]
Danger (Danger, Danger)

[Producer Tag 3: The Danger & [?]]
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