[Intro: PE$O PETE]
Yeah, yeah
Oh, oh-oh-oh

[Chorus 1: PE$O PETE]
Baby, listen, I just need a little bit of time to get it
How do I look? Gimme your opinion
I just need a little bit of somethin' with it
She like PE$O winnin', I just had to go and get a little [?]
I just had to go and count a little digits
I just had to go and get a little somethin'

[Verse: PE$O PETE]
I just had to go and stick it up for the time-ime
They don't want the smoke, while PE$O don't want the [?]
I just had to go and get it straight from the gri-ind, straight from the gri-ind
You don't mi-ind
Pull out the Glock, he get hit with the fire
b*tch, I'm outside with my gang, with my slime
[?] smokin', get hit wit' the 9
Send him to reaper, he dead, it's his time
I just hit bean, then I flow on the beat, you got problem with PE$O, I pull out the fire
If they got problem when talkin' on me, I pull up and they shut the f*ck up when I slide
Ain't that some sh*t? Uh, yeah
I just pulled up, look at my wrist, uh, yeah
I just pulled up on Obito sh*t, oh yeah
You got problem? We gon' pull up [?], aw, yeah
Oh my god, I was up, gettin' money all the time
They don't want no smoke with PE$O, that sh*t [?]
That sh*t [?], that sh*t [?]
[?] talkin' on me? I don't want it
And the wrist lookin' hella haunted
I'mma get it movin' just like Sonic
'Boutta freestyle right off the dome
Like my flow, but PE$O always catch it, I got it
They got a problem with young PE$O, they say, "Flow is obnoxious"
But I be runnin' circles 'round them 'til young PE$O get nauseous
I just be movin' on the beat until I muhf*ckin' [?]
[?] beat [?]
This sh*t fire low-key (Oh, oh, huh?)
Lookin' at my right wrist, Lugia
I was on my [?], uh, yeah, yeah-eah-yeah
I just want to get more but
I just wanna get more-ore-ore, wanna get more-ore-ore, wanna get more-ore-ore, yeah
[Break: PE$O PETE]

[Chorus 2: PE$O PETE]
Hey, baby, listen, I just wanna go and get somethin' witcha
I just wanna show ya how I'm a winner
How is my fit? Baby, your opinion?
I just need to go and get a [?] with 'em
And I wanna smoke [?]

[Outro: PE$O PETE]
Yo', that, that might be a actual good hook
Yuh, ahahahahaha, slatt! Slatt! Slatt!
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