SL2 ***SUPER SHINY*** lyrics



[Sample: [?]]
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[Producer Tag: nines]

[Chorus: PE$O PETE (Pitched)]
f*ck it, my lifestyle so shiny, I be gleamin' when I walk around
I was real down bad, they ain't f*ck wit' me, now they come around
Competition used to be so far, but then I write 'em down
They used to critique me over bars, but now they want my sound
My money on Luffy, so much drip, I might just f*ckin' drown
He said he like animal, but he really like Jack the Drought
You know where young PE$O from, this sh*t is really f*ckin' foul
Now you know the sh*t I'm on is Dub-D-F-A, don't f*ck around

[Verse: PE$O PETE (Pitched)]
Damn, with my f*ckin' squad
I was goin' up, I was tryna get a rack, popped a [?] off
They was tryna hate, tryna stop my man, dog
I said, "Damn, whatchu know about these plans, dog?"
He was geeked, he was tweaked off them Xans, dog
That's that other sh*t that young PE$O don't get, dog
I smoke gas, to relax, it's the end-all
You know where I stand, dog, damn
Hop in the whip and I'm floorin'
My money longer than brachiosaurus
Back in days, [?]
Nowadays, I'm with my b*tch, she gorgeous
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