Clout Tokens lyrics



[Skit: wyt]
Hold up, n*gga, I'm a producer

[Intro: PE$O PETE, Lavar McBride, Gerry Smith, & Nick Lockman]
Aye, ayo, uh, pass the hot Cheetos (See, a person like me, smoke weed ’til I hallucinate, aye!)
Heheheh, heh, I'm f*ckin' witchu (Clout, I don’t know why though, heheheh, crazy, right? Okay!)
This a cypher, b*tch (Clout, this party was dope, that sh*t got plagued quick, clout, clout)
Aye, aye, aye, heh, okay, aye (Clout, clout, the b*tches are freaky here, clout, aye)

[Verse 1: PE$O PETE, simflower, Emily, & Diggz Da Prophecy]
Aye, I just pulled up on the f*ckin' beat (On the f*ckin' beat)
Aye, it's that young boy, PE$O PETE (Okay, hoo, who the f*ck is PE$O PETE?)
Oh, man, I mumble, that's that mumble rap (Oh, that's that mumble rap)
Oh, I'm chillin' wit’ Diggz and hе want none of that (f*ck PE$O, PE$O, damn)
Oh, I’m chillin' wit’ MangaD and he bring it back (Oh, yeah, hе bring it back)
Oh, I'm chillin' wit' Kelly, yeah, we finna’ snap (Yeah, we finna)
Oh, I'm chillin' wit' Kelly, yeah, we finna' snap, huh? (Huh? Finna snap, aye)
Woah, now bring that beat, bring that beat back (Huh? Bring that beat back)
Freestyle sh*t, hoo, freestyle sh*t, hoo (Okay, huh?)
Got yo' b*tch dancin' to my freestyle sh*t, hoo (Freestyle sh*t, aye!)
Freestyle sh*t, freestyle sh*t, hey (Okay, haha)
And I give her di*k, that's that freestyle di*k, okay (Sauce)
Hop on the beat, move, hop on the beat, then I groove, huh? (What? Oh)
This flow is new, huh? You cannot mess wit' it, ooh, huh? (Okay, uh-huh)
Scooby like Scooby like Scooby-Doo, uh, yeah, I am a dog, ooh, yeah (What? What? Bark, bark, bark)
All in her jaw, ooh, damn, thought it was flawed, ooh, damn (Bark, bark, bark, ugh)
'Preme on my hoodie, huh? Told that b*tch, "What's goody?", huh? (Oh, "What's goody?", b*tch)
And I drop it in her mouth, drop off all my goodies, oh yeah
Okay, flexin' like I'm JaqKel, ooh (Aye, aye)
Flexin' like I'm JaqKel, f*ck yo' b*tch, then show off, show off, ooh, ooh (Aye, flex, flex, ooh, ooh)
Okay, huh? Okay, huh? Bring it back, huh? (Huh? Huh? Aye)
Okay, huh? Okay, huh? Heart attack (Huh? Huh? Aye!)
Okay, huh? Cardiac arrest, huh? Hit that b*tch, then I rap, yuh (Woo! Bah-Bah!)
Hit that b*tch on the chest, huh? "Bang-Bang!", now she dead, ooh, bah! (Bah-Bah!)
Hold up, wait, hold up, wait, make it levitate ([?])
[?] to the beat, then I pass it, it's a heavyweight (Boxing)
And we in the ring, but we really in the booth (Bow! Ah!)
I ain't talkin' fairy godmother, [?], you lose a tooth, get 'em! (Okay! Get 'em!)
[Verse 2: Diggz Da Prophecy]
Yah, so, PE$O, what the f*ck you mean, bro'? (Whatchu mean?)
It's super clouted, we the mothaf*ckin' team, bro' (Yah)
Yah, reality, they livin' dreams, bro' (Yah)
Shorty really like me 'cause I f*ck her like machines, bro' (Hoo-Hoo!)
Yeah, I need me a [?], yeah (Yas)
Makin' b*tches wet just like frogs, amphibians (Yas)
Yeah, so what's this world that y'all livin' in?
I took ya shawty to the back, and givin' in to my, demands
'Cause I demand, and I'm 'bout to take a stand
And I'm f*ckin' on my fans, yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh
'Cause you know they just some b*tches (They some b*tches)
I'm about the riches, and f*ck them rags and glitches
I'mma, take it to a place that a n*gga can't really wanna go and get it (Yah, hoo! Hoo!)
'Cause I like to hit it from the back [?], no fitted (Yeah)
Yeah, and I'mma leak just like a [?] (Uh)
I got a really cool style, but my sh*t is risen, n*gga, uh

[Verse 3: MangaD]
Yah, yeah, see, aye, stop, aye, yo' little b*tch give me top, aye
Tell me why she call me "Poppy", I like the head when it's sloppy
I—, wait, okay, you little n*ggas don't know me
Shoot on yo' n*ggas like [?], chop' to the head like a Cobain (—bain)
Okay, no way, I can speak French, don't you [?]
Quoi are you n*ggas so lame? Scarecrow, you n*ggas got no brain (So lame?)
Uh, wait, huh? Yeah, all of my n*ggas got clout, uh
Hey, little b*tch, watch yo' mouth, uh, you just don't know sh*t about, ugh
Us, yeah, us, yeah, we be the sh*t and we must, yeah
I am the god that you trust, yeah, skrrt off, you eatin' my dust, yeah
Huh? Yeah, aye, PE$O in love wit' the peso, aye
[?] put in work like a payload, hey, got hoes [?] say so, aye
Yeah, wait, out here makin' yo' script, aye (Yeah, wait)
JaqKel might be f*ckin' yo' b*tch, aye, he f*ck on a [?], then he dip, aye
I hate when the hoes give me lip, aye, I just want her lips on my di*k, aye
Ándale, uh, ándale, uh, b*tch said she want me like ándale, ugh
Put that b*tch right up under me, ugh, said, "Daddy, you can have some of me", ugh
Some of me, uh, some of me, uh, b*tch, you know I want it all, ooh
I came in here, wanna ball, ooh, but I'm on top, I won't fall, ooh
All in her room, in her walls, ooh, f*ck that li'l b*tch, I won't call, ooh
Tell that li'l b*tch, "I won't call", ooh, tell that li'l b*tch, "I won't call", ooh
I just wan' f*ck it, that's all, ooh, UwU, b*tch, I'm a dog, ooh
Heh, yeah, heh, wait, everyone knows I'mma rap, uh
Tell that li'l b*tch, "Give me neck", uh, f*ck her, then leave her upset, heheh, yeah
[Pre-Verse 4: JaqKel]
Aye, I wanna spit some real sh*t, real hip-hop, [?] (Aye! Real hip-hop, [?])

[Verse 4: JaqKel]
And if the world ever has an apocalypse, I will f*ck all of your b*tches (And if the world ever has an apocalypse, I will f*ck all of your b*tches)
You know that I'm wit' it, you heard from my n*ggas, so please do not leave your girl wit' me, aye (You know that I'm wit' it, you heard from my n*ggas, so please do not leave your girl wit' me)
[?], I can't behave, [?] page
What? Sippin' on [?], your girl is fat, [?]
Back in my [?], all on my di*k though, [?] my [?], l'eggo my eggo
Stackin' my bread, like f*ckin' LEGOs, [?] France, my di*k be [?], huh?
Nasty! Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Patrick, [?] panties (Panties)
Ashy! Cocaín, if she don't slurp, then she lying (Ashy!)
What? Whatchu say? Whatchu say about my [?] (Huh? Wha'?)
My sh*t be loaded in ya b*tch, yeah, don't tell me sh*t (Yeah! Nope)
And if she like peanut, yeah, you know I'm finna go-go (Go-Go)
I'mma met her f*ckin' mama in a muhf*ckin' sombrero (Sleezy!)
Yeah, you know I say, yeah, you know I say (Aye! Huh?)
I'm like from east L-A, 'cause I'm about S-A (Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?)
Uh, that's racist, but I'm racist like a little bit (Hey, yup)
But, it's okay because every race [?] sh*t (Aw, man, god damn)
Everybody get the clip, [?] to ya lip
Yeah, you know I got the sh*t, yeah, you know I got the sh*t (Got it, got it)
I wanna die, aye, this is not an act, aye (Ooh)
This is not a rap, aye, I want it to end, aye (Ooh, ooh)
Please end my misery, because it's never-ending
I wanna die, this a f*ckin' cry for help
But, back to f*ckin' b*tches and the Rollie on my wrist (Rollie on my wrist)
Aye, aye, Rollie on my wrist, uh (Ah, look at that shine, look at the shine)
Diamonds when I walk, diamonds when I talk (Ugh, ugh)
Shut the f*ck up! n*gga, hand me yo' [?] (Uh)
You're getting p*ssy, boy, I'mma get the belt
And I may not be ya daddy, but I'll f*ck ya mama's well (Ooh)
I am a savage, no, just kidding (Just, yeah)
I just read in my room 'cause I'm a f*ckin' nerd, yeah (I'm a f*ckin' nerd)
[Refrain: JaqKel & wyt]
Pokémon cards 'cause I'm a f*ckin' nerd (Pokémon cards 'cause I'm a f*ckin' nerd)
Yu-Gi-Oh! cards 'cause I'm a f*ckin' nerd
Minecraft sh*t 'cause I'm a f*ckin' nerd
Woah, hold up, wait a minute, b*tch (Yeah, yeah, hold up, wait a minute)

[Producer Tag: wyt]

[Verse 5: wyt]
I ain't happy wit' my life, I want to f*ckin' die (I want to f*ckin')
I don't like none of these n*ggas, that's a f*ckin' lie (That's a f*ckin' lie, that's a f*ckin')
You don't get me all my noodles, so I'm gonna cry (So I'm, yeah, I'm gonna)
You don't get me all my noodles, so I'm gonna cry (Yeah, I'm gonna)
Yeah, [?] that's yo' girl, yeah, I'm so damn fly (Yeah, I'm so damn fly)
You're just mad 'cause both your [?] lookin' kinda dry (What? Lookin' kinda)
Know you're mad, my dude, you know you an ugly guy (What? You an ugly guy)
If you gonna try, then you gon' have to tell me why (Woo! Brrrrr! Woah)
n*ggas wanna [?], n*gga, then they really are (Woah, woah, yuh)
I will pull up on you wit' a double, end it, fast car (Hold up)
Girl, you woulda, coulda, shoulda, woulda, n*gga, pull up on your [?] (What? What?)
Everybody wanna pull up on me, everyone wanna roll up a [?] (Yuh, bah!)
Damn, walkin' and talkin', you know that I'm bumpin' (Woah)
You know that I'm sippin' and dippin' and slippin', I'm Scotty no Pippin, [?] (Oh, aye-aye-aye-aye! Aye!)
Damn, I got that [?] (Grrah!)
Amazon Prime wit' the [?], Amazon Prime wit' the kitten, woah (Whoa)
Yuh, woah, I am a kitten (Yuh, yuh, hold up)
I am not kiddin', I am not written (Huh? Yuh, yuh)
Wait, this is a written? Nah, this ain't a written (Huh? What?)
Damn, I am a witness, I am a, I am a witness (Aye, aye-aye-aye! Aye-Aye! Aye-Aye! Aye-Aye!)

[Post-Verse 5: wyt]
Well, okay, yeah, huh? (Grrrrrah!)

[Verse 6: jvst x]
​wyt put me on the track, where the f*ckin' Cheetos at? ([?], where they at?)
[?] at me like [?], put a knife at yo' back ([?] like what?, at yo' what?)
Lot of f*ckin', lot of [?], gonna get Mickey D's (Yeah, [?])
Gonna get a twenty piece, Sweet 'N Sour Sauce please ([?], hoo!)
Huh? This a freestyle, b*tch, yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh)
What? On some freestyle sh*t, yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah, pus*y! pus*y! pus*y!)
Yeah, McFlurry on my wrist (Yeah, ice! Ice!)
Yeah, Frozone in this sh*t (Hoo! Hoo!)
Yeah, [?], hoo! Yeah (Hahahaha, oh sh*t, [?])
Got me a twenty piece, take a piece, hold a piece (Hoo! Hoo!)
n*gga, rest in piece (Hoo! Hoo!)

[Outro: jvst x]
Hahahahahaha, the f*ck am I doin'? (Yeah, what?)
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