Freddie Dredd

"Its A Shame"

Imma about to bust it, lose it
Can you feel the bass? It's moving
Feel it in yo tender head
The pain is here, it wants you dead
I see you hangin' your room just chillin' bumpin' Freddie tunes
You take the knife and slice it nice
You see the blood you thinking twice
Breathing slow
Ain't no more
Screaming till you hit the floor
In before the demon cut ya up and take ya soul
Now stop
Take a second just to think what you have done
You will take your final step until the devil takes you back
It's a fact
That you gonna die
Just might as well the end is now
You f*ckin with the 45
You hear my voice you hypnotized
Freddie is a killa
He gon kill you in yo dreams
You are such a simple boy
You think you clever with that noise

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