Freddie Dredd


[Verse 1: Freddie Dredd]
Feel the [?] in my grip
As I load the hollow tips
Hand my back
Hard to take
Slowly bleeding from your neck
Coming in your own f*cking dodge
Motherf*ck the cops
Killing buster b*tches like I´m in the f*cking holocaust
Burning bodies everywhere
Do you think I give a care
No no way Freddie gonna end your day
f*ck all these c*nts
I´m smoking on a joint
Roll your f*cking ass with the shotty to your bodie
Killing everybody
Never ever sorry
Hellbound dark sound everybody turn around
Freddie got to blast
Freddie got to go
Freddie about to turn the f*cking murder to a show

[Verse 2: Zye]
I [?] smoke the roach
Only way I f*cking cope
What you know
Sniffing coke
Give that b*tch some f*cking rope
Let the blade fly high
With the nine by my side
Hit the gas real fast
Then I pull up with the nine
Smoking reefer by the meter
Always sacking with the heater
Taking water by the liter
b*tch I got no f*cking leader
Ey feeling like John Wick
When I´m creeping with the stick
Blowing chronic
Out the back of the f*cking whip

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