Buck Rmx lyrics


Freddie Dredd

Colder than a motherf*ckin' tundra
I don’t wanna think about what's under
Worry bout these stupid things
Wastin all my time its seems
That's ok, go away
Or I might just end yo day
War zone battlefield
I’m just here to make a deal
With the devil
Heavy metal coming to yo face
Click clack, boom bam
Imma end it with that
Silly b*tch, f*ckin hoe
Gonna put u on the floor

I don't really give a f*ck what the f*ck u sayin'
I'm so f*ckin angry I might go Super Saiyan
Blunt pass, hit the gas
Feelin wavy in my past
Wishin' I could give a f*ck
Ridin clean n gettin' buck
Gettin' buck
Ridin clean n gettin' buck
Gettin’ buck
Ridin clean n gettin’ buck
Gettin' buck
Gettin’ buck
Gettin' buck
Gettin' buck
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