Cardi B

"Money (A Cardi B ReTwixt)"

[Verse : Oliver Twixt]

f*ck boys on the slick can’t address Twist
Talk sh*t, we pulling up to your address quick
Young prince with a bigger corvette
I keep a check and a plug with a couple connects
I know a couple big wigs, only roll with the best
So my figures never hidden, money (monae) I collect
I Hit an X to the L so I'm punting the blunt
So f*ck a f*ck pus*y n*gga with his thumb in the butt
Blowing it up - I trigger that smoke
You the back door, no, you're never front row
f*cking average like you jimmy hat joe
Ball sacks is where you ever gone blow
Yeah the sax fifth ave gimme that cloak
Flame a bird b*tch but I never eat crow
Keep my figures up, trigger tuck, money moving run a muck
Claim you straight thugging but you b*tches stay coupled up
OH! Lil fella a ten
Came outta undergrad with the highest regards
Ain't made it big yet but i get the loudest applause
The oos and aws so cool down b*tch, man you been a fan
Evident, tryna settle in on my settlement
Keeps my eyesez where the ice is, Taliban
Decadent, hittas stay drumming with a bigger band
Galavant - Caucasian jetting to a wetter land
Pelican - Tucan feathered on a elephants
Pay for Late night D for I let em in (Letterman)
Benjamin, old white faces in my button up
Known to roll with a couple of b*tches who don't give a f*ck
Intricate, every cut, edition - limited
Little Black American prince - yeah I'm living it
Say the little fag stay running off with a bigger bag
Better watch for you get snatched like gimme that
OOOH! I'm the cooliest
'Scuse me b*tch, yes I'm the boogiest
The too legit, you never can fool me trick
Top of the class, you never can school me b*tch
Oooh! You mad huh cause I spend big and I eat nice - mhm
You mad huh 'cause I’m big b*tch like k price - mhm
You mad huh 'cause your bae blowing this bomb shell
I f*ck good and sleep well
If you talking money, then pray tell
Mhm. Money

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