Cardi B

"Untitled Song For Kulture’s 1st Birthday"

I'm seein' all my business while I scroll on the phone
I was hopin' that we can have this moment alone
But ain't no secret that the internet is safe with
And with these blogs, it seems that nothing is sacred
I ain't even need to and I love you to death
Performed live on TV, I hid you under my dress
We did the ruffles, the fur coats a hundred different ways
But seems like you getting larger every day
I'm overwhelmed, the pressure startin' to swell
The time to turn in my album is winding down
So I locked in, started workin', I was driven
Hearing public opinions about my private decisions
And that right there, see, love to drive you crazy
Complete strangers talkin' 'bout my baby
Comin' from people that never used to check for me
They wrote opinions but nothin' off the registry
Cardi, you so stupid, you gon' ruin your career
I know I won't, but if I did, I wouldn't care
I started winnin' when the whole world was doubtin' on me
Think I'ma lose when my lil' baby countin' on me?

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