Finesse Freestyle lyrics


Cardi B

[Verse 1: Patrick Star]
Great beautiful Boatmobile (Boatmobile), crime on their hands (Hands)
Mysteries up and down those hills (Yep)
Patrick Star, solid swerved, couldn't notify me nothin'
They caught that person red-handed, oh yeah (Crime and theft)
It's his sufficient worthy respect, got all them individuals surprised (surprised)
Our mutual beautiful friendship got all them individuals shocked (Shocked)
We were acquaintances and then we became friends, uh huh (Yeah)
Sheldon sang to mе while I did my own thing, oh yeah
Singin' on the bеat like yeah
Sing a decent song, yeah (Yeah), yeah (Yeah)
Oh yeah, they solved some mysteries and got paid, woah

[Verse 2: Sheldon Plankton]
I want my baby to have your eyes
I'm going against my own advice
Should I do New York? I can't decide
Fashion week is more your thing than mine
I can't even lie, I'd rather stay inside
I can't do suit and tie
Can't be in a room with you and stand on different sides
One thing at a time, I have to learn to hide
One thing at a time, emotions running high
I wish you felt alright
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