Speak For Yourself lyrics


Lord Apex

Yeah, yeah-yeah, uh (Yeah)
'Kay, yeah, say that, yeah

It's like, speak for yourself
Mostly I like to work alone, but I know features can help (Uh, yeah, say that)
Look, demeanin' myself
Most High, I look up to the sky because I'm needin' your help
Out the nose bone, I was bleedin' myself
That's when I went inside a trip and then I seen in myself
I understand I'm anything I wanna be
That's if I link together words and manifest it properly, uh
Spiritualist right out the mist, all properly
Cop a property, a card and carry on his odyssey
Know the kids, that's a definite, the last check was deficit
Pain better spent for all the music that I represent
Knowledge of myself but wouldn't call myself intelligent (Nah)
AP, just a stoner, speak on planets with an elegance
Outer space, solar system flow (System flow)
f*ck the system, though (f*ck the system, though)
Let your sister know, your brothers and your mother too
Relate to everybody who was considered as an other, too
It's why weren't chillin' with them other yutes
Say that, it's like, speak for yourself
Mostly I smoke with all my demons but know speakin' can help, yeah
Still believe in myself
And if I don't, I prolly won't, but I know kid can help
Seein' rose gold when I dream of myself
That's when I woke up out the sh*t and back to needin' your help
Tryna show you my heart 'cause you seen all my wealth
But that sh*t really hard 'cause I been by myself

Yeah, speak for yourself
It's like, uh, it's like, speak for yourself, wait
It's like, speak for yourself
It's like, oh yeah, it's like, speak for yourself, sh*t
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