Kyle’s New Game Song lyrics


Kyle Justin

When you go to the video game store
And you see that wall of video games
And they got the one you want in stock
The one that you adore, yeah-yeah
Something inside you says, "Ooh, ooh-wee"
Gonna take this home again, and get sexy

So you go home and put on your favorite sweatpants
The one with the cheese doodle stain right on your crotch
And you get your big gope- I don't know if they sell those anymore but, we'll say they do
And you gope it, gope it, gope it, gope it, gope it, gope it, gope it, gope it

And now it's just you and it alone
And you peel that wrapper off so slowly
You caress it, you touch it gently
You do things with it that you can only do alone

And you stick it in your console, you're gonna need privacy
But now it's three months later, and you got bored
You beat that game three times before
So what do you do when you're bored? Does anybody know?
You introduce, you call for, you say
"Hey, come over here, Mr. Angry Video Game Nerd"

May I present to you Mr. James Rolfe
Rolfe, Rolfe, Rolfe
May I present to you Mr. James Rolfe
Come on James, I wanna see you Rolfe it
I wanna see you Rolfe it, Rolfe it
We're makin' up verbs, yeah, we're makin' up verbs
Makin' up verbs, and Rolfing in it apparently means to sit down so good job on Rolfing it

This is Mr. James Rolfe
He likes his video games kinda old
He likes them retro
Doesn't wanna game that you need to upload
But why does it, have to be so long?
You know what I'm talkin' about, that f*ckin' code
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