“ feelings “

I pullled up to your crib I said whatchu doing
What’s on your mind baby who you f*cking screwing
All these people saying all you do is playing
I know that ain’t true cuz last night you was slaying
What you be doing on the late night
We both know that sh*t ain’t be right
Nah that ain’t right
Nah sh*t ain’t right
You text 9 am in the daylight
We barely started talking and all you start is fights
This ain’t no feelings this is all games
I was so rude I felt so ashamed
I still think about you, you still be my main
f*ck all these games you know we still goin ride
You was still lame f*ck all these players
I tell my momma I love her I promise ain’t no lying
All these n*gggas dying they was once some haters
Ain’t nobody play them
I tell you how we riding
We riding to the top
We never gonna stop
Ain’t nobody in our way
All we do it pray
This is me and you
I promise only us
I promise ain’t no lust
I promise ain’t no games
You gave me all the shame
But ’m done
I’m done
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