Paul Shapera

"The Lowdown 7"

They take our dear girl Katy into a room with windows closed
And make her take the tansan, what I'd call a heroic dose
And sure enough, ten minutes later, she disappears and hell
I swear all them government jackals all start just about peein' themselves


A thousand little slaps a thousand kicks when you are down
The stabs with daggers as you just begin to turn around
The blithe offhand abasements 'til there's tears upon your face
A thousand days that casually just make your poor heart break

A thousand little slanders slap the ice cream from your hand
When you were tear-stained and defenseless that's when the real insults began
The glee with which a thousand petty cruelties are adhered
Your defilement is something they either love or do not care

I hope you bleed and rot in places where the sun will never shine
And the stench makes all around you in disgust recoil and cry
I hope you all start choking 'til you beg for one last breath
I hope your lives all spiral into pestilence and death

You can all go burn in bonfires where you shriek in ghastly pain
And I hope I live to see it, I hope I get to light the flame
I am done being your victim, watching all your heartless deeds
Your death I hope's asphyxiation on excrement in extreme

Well this is all years ago now, in a place that's far away
A place about which other people like me have had lots more to say
Ther.. there's been big ol' grand sagas and sweeping, epic regales
Some that have sat and heard it even say it's it's all just characters in tales

But each one of them characters is a whole world, each one's a big deal
Every passion and longing and heartbreak and doomed struggle, they're all real
I just tell their stories, I cry every time
Drown myself here in, I know, much too much wine

But whether or not I wonder how much longer I can take
Telling these tales, so many stories, and so much goddamn pain
All right, but this tale's about Katy, who's taken that damn drug
And finds herself transported to a prairie in another time and thus

She sees that damn folder that caused all this fool fuss
And so she goes ahead and just picks the thing on up
But then she starts walking, cuz she figures she's got
About mmmm.. two more hours 'til this drug wears itself on off

She aims to keep walking as far as she can get
Far from that warehouse, the police, and the life that she has led

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