Paul Shapera

"When Your Mom Warns You To Cut Down On Video Games It’s Because She Loves You"

[HAN MI:] (spoken)

The longer the meme stayed with the girl, the more she noticed the girl, Rebecca, was unplugging less and less. In fact, she was slowly wasting away and would eventually die. The little meme entered the net to follow Rebecca and try to lure her out

Online, Rebecca spent most of her time in an elaborate, expansive, online gameworld set in an Arabian Nights scenario

Rebecca had an avatar name, Tess, so the little meme created an avatar named Vadvi and slowly befriended the girl. The two of them became very close, traversing the mythical gameworld together

One day the two girls professed romantic love for each other. The little meme was unspeakably happy, but she also knew that if Rebecca were to ever see her in real life, her ugliness would destroy their love

The sweet swirling spells in the desert
The glamours and genies we meet
The carpet that flies in the twilight
Her smiling and here beside me

The curses we work to unravel
The lands of enchantment we seek
Immersion in storybook forests
Her smiling and here beside me

Late into the night we lay talking
We comfort and laugh and we weave
A quilt of connection, desire
Her smiling and here beside me
And if we are lost in illusion
And all is enchantment we see
A wonderful world of delusion
So sweet is the lie to believe
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