Homecomings That Don’t Suck Rarely Make Good Stories lyrics


Paul Shapera

[HAN MI:] (spoken)

Deep under the city, in the great, dark room the little meme had crawled out of, the odd, ever evolving biosphere had produced a species of cyber schistocerca. It possessed a hive mind that was born connected to the net, and found that its growth and evolution could best be fed by feeding on human consciousness. Thus it had co-opted certain corners of the net, creating traps whereby unsuspecting human psychеs could be caught and caged like cattlе, whilst the species fed upon them and grew

Rebecca and the little meme fell into just such a cage, where Rebecca was to be devoured by the hungry creatures. The meme wrapped herself around the girl, to protect her

As the creatures came to feed, they paused


Crawling in the black, little larva writhing, gnats
And bugs of metal, plastic, that live out our lives in the black

You are one of us we see (We're born and grow, attract a mate)
Why are you in the cage? (Of silicone and brass, and die)
Step aside and leave us to our dinner for this day (And generations pass down in our twilight vast)


A distant music
There’s a beauty that’s elusive
In a world the vulgar reign and reek of
Your hunger sated soon by others lost and wayward
Leave this one, she’s all that I love
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