Going Off lyrics


Zero Vicious



I got a crazy story, let me take a sip of this haitian rhum real quick

I just popped perc wit this b*tch she goin off/
Drop dat ass on a n*gga said she the boss/
Graduate college gave me stupid head/
Now a n*gga can’t move yeah a n*gga dead/

Red head b*tch soul snatch to the land of loss/
Fuccd her in maybach but I ain’t Ricky Ross/
All I wanted to be was a trap n*gga like dolph/
I get the moving wit a brick like randy moss/
I’m giving out organic , call it seamoss/
I was making jokes of these n*gga like tosh/
Ballin carrying heat like chris bosh/
James brown paid the cost to be the boss/
Pull in a vert from thе future too much sauce /
Diamond ring bling size of f*ckin golf /
Back in 05 I was working hard and soft/
Triеd to get money I wanted to be the boss/


I just pour up a four I’m feeling great now /
b*tch giving out milk why should I buy the cow/
She want more than relation told that b*tch ciao/
Yo b*tch thicc as f*ck but no ass how/
5’10, this stick I got tall as Yao /
Beam on the b*tch I never miss WOW/
Back em up and shoot em down bow bow/
When that hollow hit there screams not ow/
Don’t shoot back I shoot first my vow /
If I ain’t got next then n*gga I got now/
Don’t shoot bacc I shoot first my vow /
If I ain’t got next then n*gga I got now/
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