Dave Malloy

"The Try-Works"

Late that night, we sat at the try-works
Boiling the rest of our whale
In red flames
The blubber cut thin
Like pages of a Bible
Boiling down to oil for sale
In red flames
And the fire is fed by the fritters of the blubber
Left over from the oil that we make
He burns in himself
He burns in himself

Late at night
The gore and blood still dripped upon the deck
As we choked on the stink and the sea
Of red flames
And I stand in a fire, my eyes began to scorch
Fevered in delusion, I dream
Of red flames
And then I looked in the faces of my brothers and saw the red reflected in their eyes
They burn in themselves
They burn in themselves
Late at night


Raise the whale head
And then [?]

A sperm whale on starboard
A right whale on larboard
And you can never capsize

Shall I prophecize, O Captain? Read the future on their face?

[AHAB, spoken]
Yes, Fedallah

I die first
You die second
You die by your own rope
But before you die
Two hearses sail by
The first misunderstood
The second one made of American wood

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