"BlaQ Majik"

[Verse 1: O'hene Savant]
It’s time to widen the gap
Too many people that rap
Too many people that claiming to be nice, lyrically they are wack
Some of you be making tracks, putting yourself on a pedestal for that
Like your sh*t is really different from the trap that they playing on the radio in fact all I hear is
Unoriginal, this sh*t is pitiful
And so it's critical that I be critical
I'm sick of digital and all the ni**as who
Be claiming they be rapping on a chemical
Now tell me how you gonna stop this
You can’t even tell me how to ride this beat
That I got out of the tropics
If I was you, I would switch the topic
Don't make me get on my Akan sh*t
(*rapping in the Akan language*)
You better listen to me, I got this
I been hot since 9-6
I supplied the hotness
Y'all just drop the nonsense

[Hook: Worlasi]
You kings are born
You sons are born

[Verse 2: O'hene Savant]
In the back of my mind, I know this
When I die, they'll say I'm the coldest
While I'm here, pretend they don't notice
I survive through all of my soldiers
I’m an institution, quote this
While they lie to the youth, I tell ‘em the truth
They sellin’ ‘em drugs, I'm givin’ ‘em proof
'til all the materialism is used
To conquer their mind and to keep ‘em confused
So that then they tell me can never get through
Eventually, it was inevitable
With [?] my god and ebony fuel
A genius conquers every fools, Worlasi

[Hook: Worlasi]
You kings are born
You sons are born

[Bridge: O'hene Savant]
You can hold me up but you can't hold me down though
You might hold me up but you can’t hold me down, no
You might hold me up…
But you can't hold me down

[Verse 3: O'hene Savant]
I committed a crime, I committed a crime
I was born black with testicles in this critical time
Feeling like a dinosaur seeking morality, in reality
People rather flee from the truth, it's too challenging
No living revolutionaries, too many casualties
If people rather ignore their plight, then they rather bleed
Following media, no common sense
Even scared me-too, afraid to give women compliments
Ain't that baffling? Scared of our women and not us masculine
To weaponize emotion but notice they target Africans
I believe women, and I don't as well
Teresa Klein lying on [?] as well
As Emmett Till gettin' killed for a blatant lie
I love women, but I'm skeptical, this may be why
To any rapist, hope you burn in hell
To any person accusing somebody falsely, hope you burn as well

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