Pow, Pitbull, [?]
Pow, Pitbull, [?]
Agh, 2K pow (Pitbull, pow, pow)
Agh, 2K pow (Pitbull, woo)

Dale, dale, mommy
Dance all night (Dale)
Dale, dale, mommy
Dance all night (Dale)
Dale, dale (Dale)

[Verse 1]
Pitbull's nothin' to play with
c*ck back blow, leave him on the pavement
Mommy say ow, can I get an amen?
Now get down, we off the chain man

Faster, let me see you shake ass
Faster, let me see you get cash
Faster, let me see you load that clip
Faster, Pitbull's a bast*rd
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