Yung Bans

"Ghetto Child"

Hey, bet a lil' boy get burped
n*gga get murked, mm
Put him on a shirt, it's murkin' season
Young n*gga might rob for purpose reasons, yeah (Perky season)
Hey (Perky season)
It's murkin' season

Ayy, bet a lil' boy get burped
Put on a shirt if he run his mouth
So high up off the Earth, n*ggas had to send a shuttle down (Yeah)
Trippin', I popped a perc, sippin' syrup, seal and mix it out
Can't stand them boys, they nervous, I grew up as a ghetto child
As a ghetto child, concrete jungle goin' wild
Put the diamonds in my mouth
Momma told me, "Spit 'em out"
Hit the block and beat it out
I can't be no boy scout
Young n*gga 15, pistol packed inside the pouch

Yeah, momma say "Get up out my house"
And when she found out my routes
Yeah, or maybe it's in my roots
Wake up, pour D'Usse, ridin' 'round with my boo thing
Kickin' sh*t like Liu Kang, I just hit for a new flame
Not Tity Boi, I got two chains, gotta be confident
If you in these streets out here robbin' sh*t
I'm like f*ck a cop, I keep Glocks, they ain't stoppin' sh*t
Trappin' them chains, I can't ride in that b*tch
In love with the ghetto, a product of it
I found out that lil' ho was swallowing di*k
I left that lil' heffa' and f*ck on her sis
Got n*ggas on that broke sh*t, all I know is go get it
Feel like Young Scooter, wake up, it's a road trip
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