Lil West


You already know what the f*ck goin' on
This that Rotten sh*t
That 2018 sh*t
Big guns, big gas
Don't come to the city, b*tch
Out by 16, or dead on the scene, we're together forever

[Verse 1: Swerzie]
Balenciagas what I'm dressing my b*tch in
Call 911, cause my Ruger just went missing
How you got hands but tryin' to fight me with dissing
Y'all is so broke that y'all can't even fix it
Apollo said he need a Tesla, and make that b*tch blue cause you know that he in this b*tch crippin'
All of y'all rappers are hoes, you see what I be on, and is instantly tryin' go rip it (whoa, w-whoa, whoa)
Step on my toes and you meetin' my back hand
Jordan 4 Black Cats, I feel like I'm Batman
Driving that Ghost, making turns like it's Pac-Man
Your b*tch was with me, we went to all bases like baseball but you not gon' see me in Raglans
I come from Chatt, you not welcome
You come in my city, you better consider it badland
You f*ck with my gang and you kickin' the bucket
I turn your head to a mof*ckin' nugget
Diamonds on me, b*tch I'm mof*ckin' thuggin'
Walk in too deep right inside of the function and you know a few of us got pistols we tuckin'
If you with me, you better know that I'm f*ckin'
And if you with problems I'm shooting, no ducking
That Palace Ralph Lauren collab, imma cop it
Don't jump in my karma if you ain't 'bout profit
Wake up bein' broke, I could never, I'm not it
I chase for that bag, ain't no plan to be stoppin'
They mad 'cause I'm runnin' my check up
They see me in gold, they stressed up
They mad 'cause I'm poppin'
I just laugh, I don't say bless up
And they b*tch I text up
I smash after y'all go out shopping (b*tch, ha ha)

[Bridge: Swerzie]
Ay, sh*t
Do it again
Why does West never answer his phone?

[Verse 2: Lil West]
I start, b*tch, then I put my di*k in
Look like I'm putting the key in ignition
Little b*tch out but I didn't even hit it
So geeked up that I couldn't even kiss her
I was sleeping, that b*tch start takin' pictures
Lot of rats on me, she start grabbin' my britches
She like the hook, but I've never been fishing
All I be doing is minding my business
I'm in a whip, and it's a rental
I'm with my b*tch, go get a kennel
Got the blue check, b*tch I'm official
Grown man racks, I'm not a kiddo
Give me your head, b*tch I'll be your pillow
She make my di*k hard like armadillo
She whip her head back and forth like Willow
She open her mouth and it look like a hippo
Money long, b*tch, like I'm an athlete
That's why she gon' tat my name on her ass check
With the boys like we on the backstreet
We got toys but we don't look happy
b*tch with me, she from the valley
f*cked the b*tch first time out in Cali
Only n*gga poppin' up in my county
All these racks, that's why b*tches around me
All this cash, like rewards from a bounty
I was on the phone with my accountant
Spent so much, now I got an allowance
Water on my neck, n*gga I'm drowning
I just got a check, I'm tryna count it
I don't watch a b*tch, I wander around her
Money sittin' tall, like it's a mountain
She gon' f*ck the kid, just for an outfit

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