"Who Needs December?"

[Verse 1]
Stop talking to me nicely ice queen
I know why you're in my mind
I used to be naive, but when you bleed out
You learn not to pick fights
Have you been getting rusty, girl
Or are you just not showing me both sides?
My hands are getting dusty, f*ck me
Cancel plans and take away my life
I've got to rush you out of my brain, before you freeze it
I've got to shut you out, your lust, I don't need it, baby
Pull out my pretty hair, 'til nobody wants me anymore
I've got a life to live, but your whispers are killing me softly

[Verse 2]
Stop saying I gots to make a name for myself
Nosferatu is your name if you ask me
Suck all the life in my facе all away
Take no liking to bloodlust
Stop playing with my brain
Migraines, you cause 'еm all
Migrate to a place where your phone doesn't call
And your food doesn't fall on my plate, uh huh, uh huh

When you turn around, I lose vision
Got me running deep in the superstition, and I
I fall again, I fall again, yeah, yeah
We fall again, we fall again, yeah, yeah, yeah
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