AJ Tracey

"Ladbroke Grove (Remix)"

[Intro: General Levy & Jorja Smith]
Original big bad General Levy in the building (No one sees, no one-, no one-)
Alongside the big bad AJ Tracey we got to represent (No one sees)
Becah we are the lyrical president (No one sees)
All massive dem report to the dancefloor (No one sees)
Becah right now we gon' to kick out t’ door (No one-, no one-)
Won't tell 'em again rudeboi blazin’ and amazing! (No one sees, no one)
Bim! Boom! Yo!

[Pre-Chorus: Jorja Smith & AJ Tracey]
No one knows the pain
No one sees what I see in you
No one feels the same
No one sees myself like you do (Yeah)

[Verse 1: AJ Tracey & Jorja Smith]
Look, 2019 still flow two-double-o (Gunshot)
Yet I'm the yout who's gonna blow
Mic me the pass, pass me the mic gonna flow
Two strap whistle pon ting, who's gonna know (No one)
Can't go to court never getting caught (Order)
Make the Smith sing like Jorja
Summertime in polo shorts with a borer
I hit my yard, collect the pack from the porter (Splash)
Relax my back in the water
Sauna, sorta rich now, I'm baller (Boo)
Snitches, Babylon boydem Informer (Woo)
Tell bare tells the names to them porker (Woo)
Tracey, oi what's my name, that's Tracey
Walk with my lord in the dark, can’t faze me
Delete the feat. if a man can’t pay me
Line in ma house, wine in my house, Amy
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