Kait Kerrigan & Brian Lowdermilk

"Girl Who Drove Away"

It starts as nothing
Just a thought or a dream
Then one day
You're in the driver’s seat
The key is in the ignition
And no one gave you permission
It's only you in the car
And only you know how uncertain you are
How your heart is racing
Still you reach for the moment you finally say
I'm the girl who drove away

Leave the fear and doubt behind
Choose the road less traveled
Not the memories too real
Not the guilt that left you paralyzed
Close your eyes and everything’s clearer
Your life's in the rear view mirror
If no one knows who you were
The line between the dream and you starts to blur
Standing at the crossroad
There's the girl who was written in your DNA
Or the girl who drove away

If I could feel it
The way the day blows across the sky
And how the miles keep on flying by
The dawn is breaking
The [?] nearly waking
The life inside me
If only I could turn the key

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