Dom Kennedy

"Got It All"

[Intro: The Spinners]
One look at you
And my heart knew
You were the one for me

[Chorus: Blxst]
Not the type of n*gga to brag, my lady got it all
Ayy, yeah she poppin' but never poppin' off (Sheesh)
Plus she bad and bougie to top it off
Tell whoever trippin' they can knock it off
Not the type of n*gga to brag, lil' baby got it all, yeah
Am I wrong to just want to show you off? Hey (On God)
Only right I chop it, the top is off
So tell whoever trippin'

[Verse 1: Blxst]
You the type that make me boss up
I've been coolin' but you movin' with some hot stuff
I just blow it, it don't matter what it cost us
Baby bring it to the table like a potluck, yeah
And they be tellin' me it's not love
But they don't know who they speakin' on, it's not us (Yeah)
You can't tell me what you got is not drugs
'Cause I'm addicted, can you come and let me cope up? Yeah
And girl you got me locked up, they won't let me out (Nah)
Dealin' with these b*tches, they just stress me out (Yeah)
You the one I want to come and bless me now, uh
Right now like, right now like
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