Intrepid (Montclair, NJ) lyrics



[Verse 1]
Don't let it get to you, you said
Well, I did
Take a rectangle, untangle your head

[Verse 2]
Would you bet your life on it, darling
If I did?
Well, the way I spent my winter, I wonder
How we could commit

When the long road noise is loud, and you can't hear the song go
And I'm out here with no real belief and no hand for me to hold
Up in the early morning for no reason again
Relistening to your message, and I held it in my head
Through broke signal like what type of world we wanna live in
Do wе curl inwards or live long together in forgivеness?

[Verse 3]
And you said, "Do we bend our lives to it, darling?"
Then we did
If we learn to love ourselves better, maybe
We could commit
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