Rings (Montclair, NJ) lyrics



[Verse 1]
I draw a line in my life
Singing, "This is the new way I behave now"
And actually live by the shape of that sound
Circle in the back of my throat
Spinning in my head and on my pillow
Telling you things you don't need to know
Letting you know I trust you so much
Then I’m looking at you through the lights
A circle blinking in the tungsten
Wondering how I seem to you
Forgetting the words I'm singing for you

Am I forgettin' how it felt?

[Verse 2]
You were sleeping with your rings on (Rings on)
Cardinal wings in the early morning
Now waking up to a metaphor forming

[Verse 3]
I draw a line in my skin
I’m pinning down inchoate meaning
Mark me right below the ampersand
Oh, perforate line, dry summer on my own land
Then it circulates around town
Do I doublе down 'cause I'm stubborn?
The needle on thе phonographic sound
Oh, you're digging it up as soon as it's drawn down
Yeah, am I forgettin' how it felt?

If you sing along do I remember?
Mark this feeling in the simplest shape
Let me finally let it fall away
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