"Flyers (From Death Parade)"

It's your haze of delusions versus reality
Keep stirring the pot to find your individuality
Delete another problem that is plaguing your mind
From day to day, from start to end, that's the entertainment of our lives

Boom Boom Boom!
Dancing through the skies
Let's celebrate our time
And party while we're still alive
Boom Boom Boom!
Dancing through the skies
Kick your worries to the side
Now it's time to aim up high

Everybody put your hands up!
We'll be flying
And I can be your wings!
Let's both get lost
Within a deep hypnotic dream
We've still got room to grow
Why don't you join me?

I'm just so irritated, this is some kinda hell
I wanna find some passion and completely lose myself
These thoughts of feeling worthless, they're not making you cool
Stop looking down, flip it around, your gift is originality
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