"Core Pride (from ”Blue Exorcist”)"

Hey, okay!
Ya life is going swell until the day that you find
There's a black box that's hidden inside of your mind
Passing the limit line, you're in it for a ride
It's about time you step out and start living your life

Life is a b*tch, yeah, we all know that
It ain't perfect but I'll give it a chance
Ya know, it's only the way of the world
So just do you best, forget the rest, yeah

All this time, I thought if I
I didn't feel the pain, I'd be fine
So I suppressed my heart and my mind
Letting all my passion die

I guess I'm not that different after all
From the people I've always despised
And I hate myself that it's come to this
That I'm holding myself back without even really knowing why

No matter what I do, I know my dream
It has not a single chance of coming true
But no one can ever hope to smother out this flame in my heart
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