True Light (From ”D.N.Angel”) lyrics



Darkness of white, you can
Through this sadness take your flight
And become the wings that pierce the veil
Spreading strong and true tonight

Brought into the light at last
By the cold, exposing sun
I was granted freedom tame
To become the chosen one
Through the mirror
Night reflected
Miraculous to see
My soul threw away the mask
That hides the deeper me

Breaking the one divide
We reveal the other sidе
Where despair and gracе
They share a face
Much alike both you and I
If you’re not satisfied
And you find you’re seeking more
You can go ahead
Where the tale has led
As it tries to fly away

In this world, the sky is bright
But the wind cuts like a knife
What I seek is nothing more
Than a purpose of my life
Every trial cuts in deeper
The pain, dark ebony
But I draw a little closer to a truer me

Disappearing FAKE LIGHT
Be reborn a TRUE LIGHT
Within these hands

Breaking the dark of night
Piercing through the painted white
Cut it all away from yesterday
'Til a new era's in sight
Unlock the heart within
Let it spread its wings and soar
Rising up in flight
Through the night of white
And fly on forever more
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