Kowan Goloto lyrics



Kowan goloto, goloto kowan x4
You see when we come some people been despise we shebi
When I come dem tele me tele tele me say I no reach o
I put my swag on I put my heads up
Wetin I for do abeg turn my mic on
I leave them on the run
If you know you sabi meet me on the run destiny
Definition e sa ti gbo oo
Differentiation e sa rib o nse lo
Juwonlo me no go retire forever this fire keep burning
Now I jolly ba mi yo bi tie le jo
Kowan goloto, goloto kowan x4
When I say ***** I want you to know
Am alive and just dey go
Back then when I was so broke
E be like say I no get hope ooh
Some people dey laugh me oo
Right now I don dey make am oo
My people make una leave me oo
Everybody rule biko nwe
Lai lai God is marvellous
This scandals dey make me carry famous
Now bad belle people wanna jealous
Me am covered by the blood of Jesus
Anytime wey we purpi purpi
See the siren they wonwin wowin
Players haterz dem dey copy copy
My brother you can never stop me
Am feeling like a tolo tolo
Bad belle people don begin to dey kolo them
Anywhere I go na so dem dey follow my people look good eh
Kowan goloto, goloto kowan x4
****** binu oni ojo ro si kooto
Olofofo year ***********
See, baata mi ni oun to ba wun mi mole fun
Bata mii ni to ba wun mi ma lelu ma faya
Aya pa nse la po po po po
Aya pa nse la po po po po
Also from Africa awon kan maga don pay
Awon kan bo sokoto awon kan bo sode
Oy afile
Kowan goloto, goloto kowan x8
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