"2 Roads Out the Ghetto"

Nightbreed - “2 Roads Out the Ghetto”
[Emcee(s): K.A. the Verbal Shogun and Oddbrawl the Lyrical Juggernaut (AKA Kev)]
[Producer(s): Charlemagne]
[Sample (Multiple Elements): Bill Conti - “Rocky’s Reward”]

[Hook: K.A. the Verbal Shogun]
There’s two
Roads out the ghetto: success or death
Time to choose, decide then move, penals or schools
Paths get ended.  Never win then soar to the top
NBs was raw from the drop. Two
Roads out the ghetto: success or death
Time to choose, decide then move, penals or schools
Paths get ended. Never win then soar to the top
NBs was raw from the drop

[Verse 1: K.A. the Verbal Shogun]
It’s all about getting
Over ‘til I’m sitting with Jehovah, whether
Sipping or sober, slipping cobra to some chicken in Rover
My spot here’s confusing, got to be a plot
To keep me losing. No way I fail in everything I’m doing
Point no fingers, just want to know the answers. Started doing
Dirt to help moms with money when pops had cancer—that’s
The beginning. Stealing was surviving, not sinning. Blowing
Cash, growing fast left no time for grinning
Never ending, more static at the crib site
Parents had problems with neighbors, so now me and their kids fight
Through my teens, didn’t sleep a wink. Only rest between
The blink, every act was impulse, never stopped to think
Affected lives in ways that was negative, my payback
Is teaching shorties lessons schools’ll never give. If you
Wilding, a bullet might be your sedative
Hope the fear make ‘em better kids ‘cause the gauge’ll make ‘em
Need a new set of ribs. I’ll plant seeds and let it live
That’s how it is, that’s how it is
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