"Family Connect"

If I had the magical powers to redo all the things, the most [?]
And if I had those powers, to bring you back here again

[Verse 1: Domani]
I'm runnin' in circles, lookin' and searchin'
Look high and low for the purpose
Convincin' myself this earth is just full curses and cursive
I pull the curtains, interpretin' how I exposed the surface of n****s that no one's ever seen
They hide behind these magazines
Let's see, I seen it all, way back
If I was you, I wouldn't say that, no
Anything they ever did to make sure I wouldn't ever win
It just made mе a better man, I put that on my soul
If it's platinum in my watch, should I still care 'bout goin' gold?
If I gavе that sh*t away, you think I'm ever goin' broke?
I'm not chasin' money, money chasin' me
You found what you lookin' for when you stop lookin' for it
End of story

[Verse 2: T.I.]
See, more n**** want the glory and think success is euphoric
Expect to get rich tourin' and never do sh*t for it, man
I been historic so long, it's gettin' borin'
Multiple mansions to reside and switch foreigns, pourin'
Plenty game in Domani cup
All our moves are calculatin', you could wish the dummy's luck
Yeah I guess everyone exaggerates when they comin' up
But that just their imagination, really, these n****s ain't got no money, bruh
They wanna know who you are, not who you wanna be
Want smoke online and ain't handle the around-the-corner beef
Coward, good luck avoidin' gettin' extorted with absentee morals and horrible priorities
Catch you somewhere in your mid-forties
Down in Florida, by the water, scrapin' up enough to buy a forty
Type of billboard ain't sh*t when you did poorly
Buy your kids so they can't remember what you did for 'em
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